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Our work

Because one reference is worth more than a thousand words


Nuxt.js is a huge open-source javascript framework for server-side-rendered applications based on Vue.js. With more than 15,000 stars on GitHub is has grown to an important tool for developers and companies. We are proud to support Nuxt.js with code contributions and dedicated time. Alexander Lichter, who can call himself Nuxt.js core team member since September 2018 is also available for consulting for our clients.

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Itexia.scan is the iOS client for the Itexia inventory management system with which the user can create and manipulate asset data. The app allows for offline usage and Bluetooth connected RFID scanners.

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Hochschulinitiative Deutschland

Hochschulinitiative Deutschland is a German platform that provides great offers for students, including giveaways, seminars, and other goodies. We have created huge parts of the initial homepage and have developed new features of the platform for quite some time.

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A beautiful, structured and modern calculator for macOS with useful features including the opportunity to export the calculation history in several ways, global shortcuts and a night mode. preview image

The personal website of Alex which is used as CV and portfolio page. Want to know more about how the website was created? No problem, the code is open source.

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Ostseeferien Binz

This neat one-page was built by us for a customer for renting his holiday apartment. If you are looking for a great accommodation next to the Baltic Sea, the apartment shown on Ostseeferien Binz is well-suited for you!

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It's not easy to manage an association, especially in terms of payments! So we created the AssociationManager to make parts of association managing and accounting easier. Semi-automated recurring payments (also through SEPA), member assessment and a bunch of statistics are just a few things the AssociationManager takes care of.

Is this everything?

Of course not! We have worked on many projects we can't tell you about because of NDAs or upcoming launches. Also, there are small side projects that each of us pursues as well.

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